Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my price charming!muacks

I'm back darlings!no more crapping lets just jump into the picture part!oh before that i would like to have a shout out to my baby price which is khanxueli happy sweet sixteen darling!i know!this is like a super belated post..so sorry hun :( anyway stay prettay,I've got your back!no worries aite ;) muacks!
look how pretty and sexay she is..hard rock abs.seductive.what else la..many more!take care of yourself hun..love you long time..we are still yet to celebrate your birthday and sookieee's!better make it happen!muackss!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

MALAS NAK LAYAN BLOG LAA!i should pig out more often.so i wont feel bored and then i wont blog no more.good idea le?okay damn malas nak layan you peeps already.
love cassie :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

i miss you;i miss your smile.

i miss him.i know im such a clingy person!sigh..eventho is just few days.emo time!

  1. i miss me form3 life and my besties!

  2. i miss his smile,jokes,the happy moments.

  3. i miss my hanging out session with sesy's cause im way too busy with work >=(

  4. i miss my friends

  5. i miss shopping
  6. i miss everything!

we're both so busy with work.and we can hardly meet up now :( yet i cant do anything about it.how useless of me.i need me happy thoughts..

okay!*snap out of it cass*

done with emo time..long gone.bye emo session!

just wanted you to know imissyou and ilumm!

happy hari raya!to all malay's and malaysian!

went to some dato's house to feast Malay delicacy with them since they called us to join along.brought andrea along cause she was sleeping over in my house the day before.we were such pigs our sleepover after so long and we just slept through the night!suppose to wake up at 9a.m but heck we woke up at 11a.m cause my mom woke us up.sheesh!was uber sleepy and i didn't wanted to get out of my bed yet :( okay!time for pics..sien of blogging already!

is a must to camwhore before sleep ;)

it was picture perfect until that dot on my forehead suddenly appear in my phone >=( oh well hot Indian wannabe ey?

1/2 awakein the car.isn't she pretty? :)the pretty basket that caught our eyes.

peacock feather.we're such angels..iknow!annoying yet cute.i was bending down. ahemahem* was being an angel not letting him look short.

Friday, October 12, 2007

aileena chong peh shan post!

so..aileena's birthday we went to pyramid with arif.walked around,camwhore with bikinis,saw lots of friends,it was fun.detail post hor?sorry for being so lazy..cant blame me.im working :D i'll blog a super long post when im super awake and bored la k?which will happen in like once in a blue moon :S

happy me :)

guess who drop by swensen's today?sookie,mabel,and yvonne..they came just to visit me and of course to eat lo!you don't know how happy!i was to see them walking in to swensen's ..ah aren't they such darling's?something funny happened when 1 of my co-workers saw sookie..he said she was H-O-T hot!so i went over to tell sookie..and take a wild guess what did she replied to it?she lag for awhile and replied back oh!so where's my free ice cream? ;) how cute of her!i went back to my co-worker and tell him what she said and immediately he said single scoop ice cream?so i said yes and asked her what flavour she wanted?she choose chocolate peanut buttercup..is a good thing if you're born sesy okay!like sookie!that's why she's in the sesy crew..they took picture of me when i was busy taking their orders..cis!i look like a walking orange okay!wanna see?i show you!but tell me I'm h-o-t too.. :D

eh damn the ugly and geeky wei.so totally the other side of me man!nvm after i get my kaching's so long to geeky cass and welcome back to FAB cass.eh it rhymes le!can be a rapper ! don't laugh! :D


geeky cass.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

happy birthday!

happy birthday to aileena chong peh shan!my sista from another motha yo!i shall post in detail in the next post!picture is a must!meimei,cassie,winnie,aileena!
aileena chong peh shan!she has a thing for navy blue so you know what to get for her ;)

belated post

sorry peeps been busy lately..I'm working..oh yes Cass the princess is indeed working.surprise not?wanna visit me..oh yes do drop by at swensen's in parade.you'll be looking at the other side of cass.god do i look geeky or what with those uniforms on!sheesh..OH let's not forget why i post this post..this post is all about my sesy sookie bday!happy belated sweet 16 sesy!we are yet to celebrate it again with me! ha! i damn diva no one can have fun without me or they shall redo the whole party for me to be in it!okay diva cass is busy now so i shall stop here.before i go i shall put up a pic of my sesy!she has joined the sesy crew..how fun!so she is to be called s-e-s-y!
happy belated sweet 16 sesy!i love you many manyyyy!

Monday, September 24, 2007

i'm a monster.rawrrrrrrrr!

I've join the lame kingdom.i wanted to be the princess so I'm waiming's daughter,dear grandchild to my beloved popo and gong gong which is bonli!nickname for all the married couples.so i went studying with sookie,aileena,xueli,yuanming,and william..so much for studying la.we were practically cracking up each other with our lame kingdom family tree.so now I'm a monster.WHY?cause i was produced by dog genes and human genes.so now I'm half dog and human.the dog genes which come from william and human genes from sookie.it all begins like this.i was the normal princess i wanted til william say he cucuk the king's ass.so yuanming 'chamber' was empty and william filled it up with his genes..then yuanming and sookie produced me.so now I'm a monster,william is a dog and yuanming is a machine.OH we've came out with a pet family tree too.so I'm a doggie,william dog and aileena is a cat. =D we snug mcdonald's into burgerking!woohoo hero..well overall today was a blast!shall do it again!i know is a boring post..when the blogger is bored they come out with boring post and lame ones.sorry =x

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

exam fever

oh yes,exam fever indeed.I was wrong,our exam will last for 3 whole weeks.smart la..brain juice is using up fast.thank god no exam for me tomorrow..chinese and islam paper.I get to chill and take my own sweet time to buckle up on my econs paper.I really want that A.another week to paradise land.bare with this cassie!okay shall fill you up a lil.

i can't recall what i did on monday.
tuesday was a blast.camwhored a whole lot.when to taipan to check out clothes with dee after her tuition.chee hui came too.went to some mamak to have a super duper late lunch.found out dee's mum and my mum was friends since my mum was 18.

wednesday jin came over and we hung out at the park.

the girls and I skipped school on thursday.we went seng heong and chill out and play chor dai di.last min relaxing before entering ze 'battle field'

sookiee,meimei,xuelily,dee while moi and aileena was busy snapping pics.camerawomens!

friday we plan to skip school again but failed.when to school and walked meimei to put her stuff at andrew's without any intention to skip school at all!reached at andrew's and we decided to stay cause our bum bums are too lazy to drag back all the way to school.called up xuelily,dee,sookie,aileena.super last min skipping school plan turns out okay.aileena wasn't up for it cause she has important subjects and will join us later on while sookie sleep her head off cause she was lack of sleep.

saturday was plain boring cause i cant recall a single thing i've done.so it must be a boring day!

sunday was my brother quincy kiu wang chern 12th birthday!we played lotsa games and the kids loves it.so am i!my kiddy memories are coming back..i feel like a kiddy now.we get to play water balloons too!fun fun fun!


happy birthday brother :) ilu even if i hardly/dint say it infront of you.

off to bed now peeps.do miss me aite.loves!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

i'm dead by then..

oh yes honey,i'll be d-e-a-d by then.why you may ask?cause miss smarty pants over here is totally gonna flunk her goddamn finals.*woopeee*-.- been going out,hanging around,chillin',shopping,celebrating merdeka,parties and i din't have space for studies anymore.well let's put it this way...i'm super L-A-Z-Y!! that's why.did study a lil tiny weeny bit but that's not enough!*sigh*let's just get on with it for 1 whole week and off we go to paradise land. :) ain't that bad aite?okay time to turn to nerd mode.shall blog after finals.we'll party all night long.kiss and hugs from me to you.wish me all the luck.i so need it =)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

camwhoring;best medicine.

I've been skipping school lately.to where?malls,yumcha session,sleeping,shopping and whatever you can think of when you skip school :) finals is next week,i know nuts about it.brain cells is totally damaged by disgusting images.don't want to think about it.all thanks to?KHAN XUELI.my baby boy.(yes,she's my ahemmm)shall fill you in with the places and events i went to.and all the syok sendiri pictures :Dlancel fashion show.i took loads of picture of the models.they even stop to let me take a good picture of them. thin skinny stick models.mum say I'm too fat to blend in among the skinny ones.*dreams crushed*one of our yumcha session.after tuition.

loving ze dress.
brothers can be a useful tool at times.kiddy me.look alike?my brother.doing what we do best best in school.
y.e.p had a trip.only selected peeps,and I'm one of em.lucky aileena got herself a pass to go on the trip with us.the bus took forever to come.and guess what?we (smksu peeps) were the noisiest among all.and our bus was the latest to arrive.during lunch time we went crazy for laughing for no reason.we just stared at each other and started laughing out loud.like REAL loud.gonna miss y.e.p SO MUCH ...the trips,the productions,the crazy members,EVERYTHING!*sigh*during the speech
they gave us goodie bags,inside the goodie bag there were colour pencils..go figure this pic out.made friends there
then it was leo installation day.went over to voon's to get ready..
our clothes wasn't semi formal like at all!and my underwear was visible!lpc's ; lou po chai'stotal candid!okay..a decent one.
happy 6B peepsdamn insulting wei.. blings.

guess who?sexy darren.HAHAHAHAHA!

outing with andrea wu huey shyen.

nerdymon;bimbomon.(inside joke)dee gave me blue roses.edited.it look so scaryy.

skip school and went to sunway pyramid with daddy.bump into sookie and mei mei.hung out together while daddy went meeting with his customer.credits to sookie

i shall continue the rest in the following post.oh before i forget to say this, khan xueli is my dear 'price'=prince..is okay if you don't understand.is a inside joke.such 'aduts'=adults la we..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!