Wednesday, July 30, 2008

hey annoying.go away!

ah!i can't stand it.everyone's been pissing me off in all sorts of ways.I'm telling you guys I'm getting bitchier by the minute.a big fuckyou to you I'm not fine.there's been so much anger kept within and i don't know where to even start.i would like too to not be such a bitch.but what the heck am i suppose to do when these annoying,useless,fake,ugly,DESPERATE,and whatsoever come in your life and start all their nonsense.oh and please don't come asking me questions and all.I'll tell you if i feel like it.


Sunday, July 20, 2008


juicy won 1st place yay
ok tats all 4 this month
ur turn cass :D

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a lil update

*went cheer08 to support my babe VLC but we dint make it in time.
*had to sit in a stinky,hot,sweaty condition train
*put on BRACES
*go through serious depressing mood. (period cramps and the pain that braces causes =not a freaking good combination)
*GUESS? is on sales!
*everywhere is having sales!
*so that means i bought lots of stuff.
*studied (yes Cass studying.W-O-A-H)
*i won something! as in won in a competition!so happy!
*got to know a few funny them :)
*aim to finish up 3 freaking books of econs objective questions to win our (aileena & me) bet with teacher.

back to lazy self.i shall update soon enough.til then.xoxo.