Monday, March 9, 2009


this is like a record man!after 2 days of updating the blog I'm actually blogging now.YAY ME!anyway this pics was taken few days ago.aileena came over to play cause both of us were dead we decided to play dress up and take emo pictures.we even googled how to put on emo make up/how to pose emo and all sorts that involve a person to be emo to succeed in our emo photo session.but it didn't quite turn out well with the emo pics and we end up just camwhoring the day away.i know we damn lifeless but is so fun to just dress up and play girly stuff!try that when you're having a'll be so fun!and why is yi mei not in?cause that girl have been MIA for quite awhile now with her stuff and we cant get through her in any ways!too bad she missed out on the if you're not already bored with both of our pics and my camwhoring pics scroll down or you can just skip this post cause is just so meaningless :D

all dressed up in the most emo outfit and put on really thick make up.yet we look more like clubbers than max -___-
why is your wardrobe filled with happy colours?we need EMOOOO!-aileena
pigs =@=
aileena is super i was giving her the -________- swt face
we are rockstar.
so not emo.this is more like anti emo
side partings.
tongue's baby!

WOAH damnnn.if you know what i mean ;)ooh.yeah we are lala
attempt lala no.2
yet another fail...
eye contact.
blehhh =P aileena say i look like a ghost here..imagine me doing this face right beside you the moment you wake up.LOL!priceless face expression
laurel ads.
my chubby side view.
tried to be emo..clearly this isn't working

then came the funny face. *flash big smiles*
sook are missed!
all smiles.

camwhoring starts here..
i love most of the pics up there..i know i can be so narcissistic sometimes..
at this stage very bored of camwhoring already.
so ciao for now.*blow kisses* muaaaahhhh...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

way overdue.

it was a Thursday.the theme was lets move on with the pictures.shall we?

sookie doing her hair.
mei after her hair and makeupbeehive.
thick thick make up.cass and aileenajust had to
Cass,Aileena,Yi mei
beehive,retro 80's
my blings.
enough of us? :D
serious blings.
emo. cause we had no idea where to go.

cause we rock like that.
told ya.
aileena just had to ruin the pic...
not quite finish with the mask yet.
ying hao
golden mask for us.
*gasp* i was on stage. :O
was trying to show my heels.
sook was leaving when we snap it.
prom queen and prom king nominees playing game together
prom king for edwin
prom queen for alexandra
jasonmiserable night.muah. good day mate.

oh a post finally there smksu prom night.wasnt what i expected in mind...