Thursday, March 13, 2008


omg!so cant believe seow blogged!I'm so happy! :D anyway been ages since this blog been update sooo here i am!want to know something outrageous?I'm playing basketball for OMG!Cass playing basketball?no shit!anyway school's out and all i did was bball training,yumcha sessions,BBQ party,shopping,lazing around well what ever you can think of which is so not productive.oh!i notice that i get annoyed easily..with a slight bit of small tiny problem I'll probably hate that person.giler PMS wei.and sook know how i feel!cause she feel that way too!talk about long lost twin sister wei.we have so much in common!and I've been spending alot of time with andreawuhueyshyen too!bestie bonding time is the best.okay I'm done lets skip to random pictures okay!all MINE! >=(
the cassandra top.FOR REAL!
his birthday present.
love ones.ze make up face.
Chinese new year together. :)can you see a smile?MMMMMMMMMMM.sedap.
our bball bbq bonding time
which one do you prefer?
yummy in our tummy.
ze infamous CFM face.woots so pretty!KNS i see whoever got the same one im'ma kill her man!
sesy giler barbie ;)she wore this outfit for her senior page photo session!nice right?
okay i'm tired.shall blog soon enough.make sure you miss me :) loves.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


who wrote the last post wei
emo giler barbie
chill la

so long nvr visit this blog edi
so much drama sial