Saturday, January 3, 2009

out '08 in with '09

back to school,and we're in our senior year.started hanging out with a different bunch in class.Chinese new year
basketball court with our names.
fireworks.okay maybe crackers.
look so happy :D
basketball training can never ever be this F-U-N.we were so tired that we had to sleep there.cause our match is only at the afternoon but the juniors match is in the morning.bummer 0_0cheering time.on time babes
lilien and gary birthday.break time.'i thought i was suppose to be slim after all the basketball training but i got fatter.WHAT THE...' now i know why we got fatter.cause beryl's chocolate factory was around the area and is just walking distances.sooo....we had our everyday choc routine for the past 3 for juniors and victory BBQ dinner.bikini hunting for summer splash.
cf camp.good company..
****i had everyone nails painted pink in our gang.the guys too.and someone was pissed about it.FUNNY!

mine.shou's.jason's.ying's.i.u night in holiday villa.

continue this another day.there is too much to blog..

mei 17th birthday

mei and me.
the DDC.(sooks,cass,mei) good times..good times..
the cutest in our group and the youngest.aww (L)
soo sorry it took so long to blog about your birthday..and i feel real bad not attending your birthday.i'll be sure to make it up to you if only you have time to recelebrate it.pfft.anyway knew this girl when we were f3 lil kid and now look at us.all grown i wish we could go back in time and just be kids and live our childish life again.i miss us being able to see each other every morning..gossiping,bitching or just playing dumb and being bimbotic.and just remember this i'll be around if you need someone! :D ily mei.