Friday, August 24, 2007

i hate blogging >=(

bloody hell,i so hate blogging right now.i cant change those stupid big fonts into smaller ones.i know im dumb at this la sheesh.heck i care about it.i just want to complain. >=( bitchest thing ever. I'M PISSED!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


ppt man, damn frustrated
wasted a chance 2 get a super chun gf jz bcoz i 2 shy 2 make move
damn wasted man
in the end, some pepet tong dancer got her
tat lucky b*tch

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ur font damn ppt hard 2 read man
read till headache edi

Sunday, August 12, 2007

last week. :)

so last weekend was filled with fun FUN FUN!.sat was prefect was superb!(obviously la,me and friends go there buat kecoh)we were invited as guest.we rep y.e.p yo! ;) and for those poor schools which doesn't have the ye program..yep stands for YOUTH ENTERPRISE PROGRAM! as you know my sesy mr.kwok was kp for our whenever he was out for speech,official install as a kp (ketua pengawas),leading those junior bod out or whatsoever,we as his bestie cheered for him.must be his proudest moment ever la wei!we went there just for him okay!sion better appreciate it! :D too bad i dint stay for the fun part.they had this balloon stage for WAR wei.UNFAIR LAAAAA!how can you people have fun without me?like hello.dint stay cause err my parents brought us for buffet.*heee =D*after buffet,guess what i did?SHOPPING LA!if you don't know the answer you may kindly bang your head against the wall.thank you.when over to isetan to check out the heels my mum wanted to buy sooo badly.she was suppose to buy it when we were shopping at 1u guess outlet.but something real foolish happen.the salesmen went it to check the size for my mum and he came out telling us apparently there is only 1 side of the WTF?1 side?how can it be?takkan people want to steal 1 side of the shoe?or maybe shoe can fly? and i was damn happy!finally my mum wants a guess shoe.serious damn potong wei.and i loved that shoe so much.CB let me know you stole the other side of the shoe im'ma CHOP you.walk out feeling total miserable and went to meet up with my dad in starhill.mum went in to lancel to check out the bags there.fell in love with one of the bag and went running along to my dad.end up my dad bought it for dad offered to buy me some ugly looking purse/bag..which i OBVIOUSLY declined i told him you can buy me guess bag it only cost like max rm500?while the lancel purse/bag cost like rm1000~2000.he said NO.wth?im trying to save him at least thousand bucks here and he said NO to me?damn the mengeramkan lo!after that,we went over to so totally in love with it but im not falling for the price. =/ mum says she's eye-ing on lv bags.hehe brain washing time.i shall ask her to get something which i like.WAHAHA!damn lz wanna layan this post d'ma show you pics la.

THE KECOH-EST!kindly intro you to..CASSIEASSIE,FAYEFAYE the dah-ling che,ai ni ma ~aileena.
she tapao-ed tan thien shaun in shuffling.SALUTE!
failed to be a girl.
this is what you get when you rep YEP.preetty aint it?
orang sesat. :)
super random shot.
at stephen with his family came over.stephen is my darling cousin.he's the cutest!i shall prove to'll fall for him the second you see him.

bash you up.

best camwhore partner laa.future model.his future gf's shall pass by me first before getting him.please take note..HE IS MINE!so as know who you are. ;)

i shall talk about how i spend my sunday with sesy sim.anya leatrix sim jing yi.til then.



Thursday, August 9, 2007


yo voon
sorry 4 yesterday la, i need 2 sleep edi
n sunday rite when we all going out i TRY to repay u
and u 4got 2 say WU
we can go shoppping 4 hp
since i got nth 2 talk abt
i'm gonna talk how pretty Q,wu & voon
sorry not gonna talk abt kwok

long black hair
big eyes
but she's taken by tj

not tat tall
hair oso quite long
eyes sepat(like mine, n tats like super chun:D)
and she is also taken by some1,YOON

ard wu's height
long sesy hair
nice eyes
this 1 oso taken by william

sorry la but all the girls taken

KP(if i don talk abt him,later he terasa)
SHORT n ugly
fat n ugly
not sexy
bangla hair
his eyes see oso wanna slap
n this 1 taken by prefect
"don angry k"

this 1 if u want still available

k la tats all
c yall on sunday

n come 4 installation



I hate you for leaving me online yesterday saying "i'll cheer you up next time k". WTF. By the time your next time comes i'd prolly be okay by then or maybe you'd even forget the fact that i WAS down. Ugh, speaking of FRIENDS.

So anyway, life has been okay. Have been thinking alot lately & i mean aloooot. Of all times why now? Hahaha don't think any of you would get what i mean but just felt like typing that out so ya. :) Pmr's in a month or so & no doubt, I'M NOT READY, at all.

Have been trying to study these few days but some things just can't stop running through my head. It sucks when things like this happen especially when trials are around the corner, agree? Hah you better. :)

We sat for our moral paper today. ALL SUBJECTIVE. I only knew about that in school just now. Pfft. My peti (sharon) was blur enough that she didn't even know about the test. I mean, even I who has been skipping school for the past three days knew. Oh well, gotta admit she's BLUR. Oh & btw, peti means husband in tamil. :)
You see, the both of us got married around three weeks ago & no one wants to be the husband so we have been MEASURING & doing a survey to prove that I *coughs* am so much more like the biwi (wife) in everyway. ;D

Had a talk with tpn today. It was hilarious, i must say. Matthew & ryan who were there when we were talking laughed till their faces went all red. Haha so cute. :P

I actually feel like typing out our whole conversation here but come to think of it, i shall save it to myself. :)

Ohh we (Q,seow,kwok, & i) might be going out this sunday, finally! I remember the last time we went out together was during the december holidays? Some people couldn't even make it for my birthday on the 29th after getting their not-so-promising pmr results which came out on the 28th. ><

o.o I think i have not been blabbing so much for a long time. Heh. & i think i need to talk to someone so badly right now though i don't feel like opening my mouth. Okay does that even make sense? In a way, yes. :D

I also think i need to go on a shopping therapy. No, i KNOW i have to. :) I indeed know very well that i need new clothes, shoes, accessories etc. Most importantly, i need $$$.
& i've been convincing myself to study study study & studyyy as trials are around the corner but it sadly is not working. :(:( I'm starting to think if what dad said was true that my comp & handphone is distracting my studies. Hahah i'm so in need of self determination yo. Help, anyone? :)

Okay i'm going off now & I AM SO GONNA STUDY MY ASS OF TONIGHT i tell you. That's IF the tv/comp/handphone/FOOD does not keep me occupied, which i really hope each & any of them wouldn't. Nono, they WON'T. :)


holy moly

how to change font? mine is so boring
cass is damn evil..force me 2 blog
our sesy crew member kwok si-onn has bcome the new ketua pengawas of smksu!
so proud of him!
this goes to show that sesy ppl can have it all
ok toodles.

Friday, August 3, 2007

seow bodeking Q(part 2)

since the 1st one wasn't good enough
seow is back wit the 2nd attempt
dunno y i'm writing this, not like any1 actually views our blog oso

Anyway,i posting this blog so that my sesy friend cassandra Q will come to my leo installation on 11th august2007(saturday)1.30-6.00,sri sedaya hall.

Q is a very pretty girl and a very good fren

ok enough
sook wai reply edi

seow bodeking Q

this seow,
Q is very pretty n i lub her many many
she shld go installtion 2 support her bestie(me).
and support ur neighbour jing yi
and see me get married 2 a hot girl(sui yin)
and i bought 4 u prince n princess(turtles)
n im oso missing v'ball practice
n plus i lost my hp
good enough rite
n i lub u many many.
if any1 else see's this
come 2 leo installation
11/8 sri sedaya hall

i'm backkkk baby! ;)

hiee babes!guess what?IM BACKKK!hee =) still alive no worries.dint blog for a period of time.kinda miss blogging!so yeah comp was infected by mean-o spywares and all sorts of unwanted virus.had to bring it for service and i cant transfer any pic to my that's the reason i dint went on9,friendster,blogging and so on with my social life.was being anti-social! =p kinda like it when my comp break down,i don't get tied up with on9 chatting and i get to sleep early and concentrate on my studies (no!really!) *andrea giving me the WTF stare*okay bet y'all miss my face huh?OKAYY!picture time,kinda lazy to blog everything within this few months.I'll just show you pics of what I've done la k.OKAY! =D
after our cheer performance during sports day!chilling in Starbucks.people all around gave us this dirty look.hmm wonder why?*ugh bitch.*ohoh i get to be a cheerleader for once in my life!wasn't that great la.had lots of drama during practice blablabla.girls can be such pain in the ass.

the ladies loves the gents. ;)green colour pig by the window.

close up picture.

smoking peeps.(hanif and azrul)*puff puff*then justin came joining us after waiting him for at least 1 freaking hour.
pout =3 *voon is the only sesat one.* =Dthe mess we made.we left after that and went to pick up ARTHURTEHTEONGJIN and went AC.ohoh and we (justin and me) ffk-ed voon and gang.we told them we'll meet up with them in mcd.end up we went AC and eat.saw sam and billy and adele there.sorry :( more pics of cheer pic coming comp is just a bitch for not letting me upload pic >=( GRRRR!

okayyy moving on..

shuffling competition at taylors.we (william,voon,lisiong,yeemae,shawn,suiyin,suhui,ym and me) meet up at AC.after eating we walked all the wayyy up to taylors 3rd floor.was wearing a super mini skirt okay.damn insecure dey!everyone was so tall that we(yeemae,voon and i)decide to go to a corner and stand on chairs. :)then william and lisiong somehow kept following us everywhere we go cause both of them were trying to kau voon and yeemae. =X *you didn't hear that from me :)*i saw koonteng and his gf,yaorong and eugene.they were all bz shuffling tsk tsk!got so bored and we went down to AC again.after lepaking foos and whatsoever voon and yeemae had to we went back to the shuffling comp.*no life,i know!*on the way back saw a whole bunch of people chasing after some bangla :P is was damn scary okay! like the whole bunch of shufflers went down the stairs chase chase chase and then bash him up! END! :)


volleyball mssd! :) we look more like a celeb than a vball player!too fab? may yuan was totally enjoying mssd.lots and lots and i mean LOTS of guys are hitting on her.pretty girl.she's mine!we ate a whole lot too! the food there is errr whats that word?AMAZING LA!burgers,roti canai,yong tau foo.WTF is like heaven but in a very ulu school.*the people there damn the err ulu and jakun la*mssd was just great.i enjoyed 3 days there! guys was THIS close to win at least 2nd runner up title :( nvm nvm we'll get them next year :) OHOH!the girls got 3rd =DDget to catch up with jo leen and mei yoong.had fun talking to them.gossip while pigging out.hee volleyball peeps are fun ppl!!

after the 1st day of vball mssd :) everyone loved my sunglasses and obviously ME la.i so good horr? *evil grins*say i am la!missed those days much fun!and then it was the 2nd day of vball mssd!bi wanted to come along but he just came back from redang..he was damn sweet la.he put a smile on me face every single day =D he bought a couple keychain.AH! least he was thinking of me when he was holidaying :) i took the boy one.OHOH!i so gotta thank my coach jerry!*cut the story short*i left my jersey at his trunk and he helped me washed it.lifesaver!thank you thank you so much!skip skip skip.a few guys came up to may yuan to ask for her number.blah i had to protect her from those annoying jakun guys.seniors wasn't really happy with may yuan talking to them :/ so whenever guys start going up to her i pulled her.i was being the mean one >=) at the end of the day this bunch of guys when up to her and asked for a she accepted it.she was pouting while taking the pic and the guys misunderstood.they thought she was trying to kiss WTF how ulu can they be?pout = trying to kiss them?disgusting!when back to school was dead tired then dint even bother to go celebrate 3rd place.when home KO! i know i can be very lazy at time.*ahemm most of the time*

end~then there was ALFI'S SWEET SIXTEEN.after his party me,dee,aileena went to syed for yumcha session!then jin came along.our sentence for the day was 'ITS A CRIME'whenever a cpl is holding hand or doing something else.we would shout that sentence.i remember we were all sitting together and azrul and dee started holding hands and i shouted that.they quickly shut me up cause it was a malay party.don't wanna offend them in any yeah.i dun quite understand why also cause everyone was basically doing stuff.dont wanna list them out. :)so yeah i hope dee wont feel sad and all torn up after reading this :(

look at our eyes la.can die wei!it was brown.NO serious!it is.and no photoshop or whatsoever.serious la bitch.believe me i wont lie. :)

this is what we call lifeless tau?teh o ice limau also wanna take pic of it.tsk tsK!
then it was kam kam sweet sixteen!me and dee share half the price of the cake.secret resipe 1 le.dont play play ;) it was the new peace flavour cake.i LIKEY LAA!it was all a surprise thingy.and it did work out nicely.sang birthday song.took pic with my phone :) fooling around.FUN FUN FUN!OH did i tell you im a trend setter? HA!people are starting to use I LIKEY!my word yo ;)

berdating-dating with ArthurTehTeongJin got lots more pics but is all in his phone.wont wanna let mum see those pics right?isn't he the most charming guy like EVER?okayy to me shut up. :)

Tiffany & Shermaine's million dollar birthday bash!so totally enjoyed myself there.mingling with people,taking pics,chilling.
okayy damn malas nak layan this blog d.i took like 4 days this finish this post and im not done with it yet.shall have part 2 of it.HA!my life is so interesting.i feel pity for you.OHOH!hope you enjoy my post :) btw cassie assie here.XOXO! <>