Sunday, February 25, 2007

Do Your Own Thing ;D

look who decided to blog! o.o HAHAHA Q thinks i neglected our blog so yeaah, decided to post something hehe. mhmm! oh fyi, it's bianca here. (:

anyway, i got back from singapore on tuesday. went shopping with mum at ou on wednesday & got myself a pair of three quarters. thursday was err, oh YA. benley text asking me to go over to cass's. visiting konon laah. -_- until tj told cass that they actually plan to go yam cha. you know, the both of us were like seriously confused kay HAHA. =S

got mum to fetch me over. we went up to her room to exchange clothes & try out each other's tops hehe. later on, big B & tj arrived. we went to kopitiam for a drink but settled for starbucks after that. Q belanjaad us & that's why i'm loving her much now hahaha. xD

at night, we had dinner at The Ming Room in bangsar. most of mum's side relatives were there. the food was good. service was terrible. no seriously, we waited freaking long for the dishes. though, they come one by one. it took forever. the food we ate could've digested by the time the next dish comes. -_-

friday was a long day to me somehow. i don't know why. =/ it just felt long.
i woke up at 9.50 & text benley. he was suppose to bring me eat "good" food haha!
we went to some japanese restaurant at 17 but it was close. ugh, i told you earlier on but NO. pfft.
so, i told him about some shop at 15 carmen's parents brought us before. i love their yummy chee cheong fun. xD LOL. we went round & round. okay, a few rounds around 15 looking for the shop but failed to. we ended up in station 1. i craved sandwiches which were not available at that time. worse, my peach tea didn't taste good. had onion rings instead. i had to look at big B eat his yummy fish & chip ok! damn saddening. ;( oh & YOU KNOW WHAT. the shop i wanted to go at first was right opposite station 1. how could we miss it. =O

then, i temaned big B meet up with rina at mcd's. it was their first time meeting in person hehe. eng hoe came not long after.
big B & i went over to hui ling's for her open house. gambled abit & that was when cass & i lost sadly. o.o tj fetched us to pyramid around 3.30 p.m. the continuation from that can be found in (: till then, i'm out.
good night, sexays. ;D Loves.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

SoNotFunny! >=(

ughhh.I'm losing pics and is so not funny pics means everything to me well NOT everything la but still! :( sooner or later I'll have NO pics for you ppl already.SEE what's the consequences!aaaaa..i'm actually sad here anyway at least i found some pics in my camera right RIGHT?so here goes..hehe.toooo lz to continue.i shall blog later on.toodles <3

Friday, February 23, 2007

non-stop partying

I'm just having too much fun during this cny.parties here and there hanging out with friends or going to biggggg houses.woah not wasting any of my time during this CNY. *YAY*


-benley,teongjin,Bianca came over to my hse for so called visiting la k.
-we went out for a drink at kopitiam but bianca just
HAD to meet his cousin there.
-we then changed to Starbucks.
*fyi i belanjar them all okayy!* (and benley owes me a Japanese buffet cost rm100 k?)

-went over to aubenley's hse to get ang pau! *it was damnnn pai seh okayy coz we stayed there for like 10 mins?* sooo sry
-i then went home and dress up nicely to my mom's boss house for a party/gathering.

-i was damn HAPPY for some reasons la. (better not tell out later you peoples start thinking I'm perasan UGH!)
-we played cards there and i met a few new friends ;) *i won like rm14 oh-so-proud of myself* whaaaaaat i bet 50 cents la k let me syiok sendiri abit can anot?

-they had fireworks there too! and if you did noticed my previous post i DID MENTIONED THAT I LOVE FIREWORKS!
-oh! and after i came home teong jin came over for a Lil chit-chat
-overall i did enjoyed my day.thx to everyone.lovessss <3

-went over to huiling's hse for her open hse.
-gambled abit but we(bianca,me)lose all our money :(
-went over to PYRAMID
-camwhored ALOT! *bianca voon jia yik! our camwhoring skills is improving wayyyy better than i've expected!YAY us. ;DD
well anyway i'm too lz to continue so here come the pics!YOU BETTER ENJOY IT! grr >=(
yay!you FINALLY have pimples!!
HOT! Cass,Bianca
that's seow who waited for us for like 2 hours. :( *we're really sorry!
I'm the one with the black skirt,and Bianca is in the pink one.
weROCKyourSOCKS. ;) pretty-IN-pink. =3
-fyi im so hating my comp right now like fuckingangry!some of my pics just went missing for no good reason k and i hate that!screw it!it happened twice already FUCK!

well that's all for now ya XOXO! <3333

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cny.angpaus ;)


i know is kinda late to say that buttt i did right?anyhow my cny was boring the same ol routine. sleep/eat/gamble/lepaking around that's abt all la see how boring it is and my ang pau is getting lesser =( so to whoever is reading now invite me to your hse k =D too lz to blog i'll let the pictures do the talking k ;D andddd oh yeah! voon and Q rock seow's socks woohoo!! both of them can really make my day love you both la <3

HOT chicks. *pssssst*
my bro howard.

my trip back to my hometown.
MY BABY. cough*cousin*cough
me. =D


syiok sendiri
my hometown =3

i shall sign off now.enough pictures for one post :) byeeeee and many many loves from me to you darlings muah <3

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Feb14:valentine's day

school was filled with L-O-V-E .as we walk pass each sides there were lovers everywhere exchanging gifts.the bell then rang and we all went back to our classes.after we settled down in our places,groups of people for different societies came class to class to distribute gifts.while me and dee was folding hearts for our friends and for our dear friend billy lim seng ling to help him 'kau lui.'blablabla~after sch i stayed back for yep meeting and surprisingly it ends at 2.30 which is SUPER DUPER EARLY .so i called tj up to ask where's he,but he was too much of a pig he put his phone on silence and he called back 1 hour later.he then pick me and aileena from sch.after sending aileena back home i went oer to his hse coz he said he had something to give me.i had no clue nor idea of whats he giving so i just stop guessing for a moment.i then walked in to his sister room i found a BIG TEDDY BEAR sitting on the bed.i then faster turn my back and walked away but as i was walking towards the door tj hold my hand and pull me into his sister room and he gave me the bear with a heart shaped box with cookies in it.i was so shocked coz never in my life anyone had given me a BIG TEDDY. anyway skiiipp that part after that, you don't wanna know ;) so yeah i did enjoy my valentine that's all you have to know laa. <3

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

PartyLet'sGoWild. ;)

basically i spend my weekends partying.i know f4 life ain't honey year but you cant possibly ditch your friends party right?so yeah my Saturday was damn packed okay i woke up around 8 because my mum wants me to follow her to klang to buy flowers,but being the typical Cass(so not a morning person during weekends)i rejected it and went back to mum then came back at 11 and she asked me whether I'm interested to go sunway pyramid with her.well lets just say i cant say no to shopping.we went there to get us some new bras and guess what we ended up buying?clothes,food,accessories and bras too.after the whole shopping spree we went i went back to my room and rest for a Lil while.I'm serious k ,i took a 40 min nap (which was soooo not enough for me) and i got out to get ready for sam/yuanming and Gary's party.went over to aileena hse and our mother talk for a Lil while and this is what they talked
mum:aileena mum
wah you see you both wear til so sexy not scared ar?some more cass skirt so short
aiyaa nvm 1 la.they young let them wear la,or not want to wait til 40 years old like that only wear sexy sexy meh?the skirt not short la just that she tall only
haih later let those guys touch here touch there. later drug them then die la.
yeah la hor.later raise until so big d then no use la.*then both of them started scolding us*you both ar must stick together okay.go toilet,go eat,go anywhere also must stick together
aileena and cass: yes!we will don't worry
okay la.come back early ar and if you all wanna drink anything don't ever ask guys to take it for you.take yourself k
yeah la later they drug you then you know okay get into the car

we then hop into aileena mum's car.Winnie was already in holiday villa waiting for us for like 30 mins and she start spamming msg.we then pick her up from holiday villa and drove off to william's overall the party is reallyyy boring so we started chit chatting mingling around and cam whoring.oh yeah not to forget the security guard chase us from our BBQ spot to the little kids playground.later on we went out to the 3rd floor where the pool is and everybody start stripping and jumping into the pool.poor me i cant go in cause i was having coughperiodcough so me,winnie and tiff walked around and cam whore a Lil.while yimei,xueli and aileena was enjoying in the pool (well aileena got bully inside the pool HA HA!)around 11something they all came out of the pool and ppl started complaining their tummy are making the whole bunch of ppl with the number of 30 over walked all the way to asia was damn hard okay the girls are wearing heels and we had to walk NON-STOP!so yeah we finally made it to asia cafe and we settle down in the foos area.after a few game of foos we went down and got ourselves food and we went back up to play pool =D .around 1.45a.m i called up teong jin to asked whether he can give me a lift home.he said yes so he came over to asia cafe to fetch me and winnie overall the party was O-KAY la. =S
my love hor??
eversohot tiff ;)


syiok sendiri

birthday boy!
we went to pyramid to celebrate a few ppl birthdays
(jingyi,darren seow,andrea,gary and yuan ming)so i woke up around 11 and jing yi called to check am i awake.she said she'll be fetching me at 12.30 so we all could buy the 1.20 ticket for epic movie.while waiting for the others to arrive me and jing walked around a lil.after that we went over to A&W for burgers,i then suggested to bring in the burgers to the cinema and enjoy it.they all agreed.oh yeah i had to put all the burgers and drinks in my handbag okay! coz among all i HAD to bring the biggest everyone chucked in their food and we walked in to the cinema.after that stupid and super hilarious show we split up coz jing yi and her friends wanted to buy gifts for their loved ones. (awwwwwww) so darren,sion and me went to the pool area and have a few rounds of game.later on andrew called me to ask where the heck am i and they started to hunt for me.everyone settled down for a few rounds of pool game.after that we went to buy tickets for death note 2 .it was soooo saddening :( both L and Light died.after the movie everyone split up and the bunch of guys went to me,sion and darren went to secret recipe to get a cake for the birthday boys and girls.we wanted to make a surprise for them but noooo darren is tooooo dumb to lie and they figured it all out .well at least they did their "surprise" faces la.satisfied la =P wanna know how much the bill cost?? i'll tell it cost us better not go tony roma's without your parents k kids ;) tralalalala~

the ohsodelicious foods:

nanny mcphee
bon bon!

gary.the lil boy ;P

sooo tired of blogging ad la.k la ciao ppl~ muah muah and oh yeah happy valentine's day!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

yesterday went pyramid n celebrate 4 b'days
tony romas's giler expensive and the food is soso onli la,nth special
then got so many peeps nvr c b4 wan & everyones mood mm songing each other

tats all la, nth 2 blog edi

Thursday, February 8, 2007

cassiee:i like it just like that.

so so so looking forward for v'day.i wonder what I'll get this year.hmmm?
v'day wishlist:
i want 99 colourful roses.
i want a candle light dinner.

i want surprises!
i want everything in my wishlist to come true.(impossible i know :( )

i want to eat so badly but i cant =( have to look good at sam's party.must have chun body.gambateh!!i don't know why but ppl always say I'm thin.I'm not k !behind those clothes you can see 3 layers of fats.FOR REAL.but obviously i wont show you la horrr?if i do,i'm a super duper dumbass.who would show their fats to ppl dey?i want a hot body like NOW.badly!!anyone wanna go for liposuction?can work le no need to work our ass off by exercising.damn lifeless k.everyday at sch teacher don't come in to class.grr bitches.can fail every subject d.can die!!everyday in class vaining,taking pics, some lifeless bitch.dunno wanna write what d la.damn sien.i shall post pics if anyone is reading this blog.lifeless neglected blog of sesycrew damn sad k =( it break my heart into many many small pieces.




Monday, February 5, 2007

iLu <3

i love you,you love me,we're happy family,with a great BIG hug and a KISS from me to you <3,won't you say you love me too?

lol,sry laa.i was too bored and im sick now.siening -____-'' let's post some fav part ;)


brother-sister love ;D

poutlips =3

that's all for today.gotta go off to bed now.byeeee.