Monday, December 21, 2009

pretty nails.

can't believe i have the patience to do all 10 nails with different design. i is IMBA! love it? hate it?

bring it down,

sound system. with 1 of those cars, there is no need to go to clubs. seriously! got the shock of my life when i was standing behind one of the car when they put it in full blast. danggggg!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

i want!

just watched the victoria secret fashion show and my passion towards modeling just grew instantly! I'm gonna make it! I'm gonna drive myself to workout harder and get that dream body. watch out. :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


one thing you ought to know about me is that i love colors.

-all i need you to do is to meet me at the end of the rainbow would you?

i found.

i finally found someone who treats me like how i want to be treated
i finally found someone to share my happiness and sadness
i finally found someone that i trust fully
i finally found someone i truly love
i finally found someone who says I'm gorgeous rather than hot
i finally found someone to go through the darkest night with me
i finally found someone who would stay up all night taking care of me when I'm at my worst
i finally found someone who sweep me off my feet
i finally found someone who loves me for who i am
i finally found someone that cares deeply for me even if i don't at times
i finally found someone who would be there regardless anything
i finally found someone who say the sweetest thing and mean it with
i finally found someone who doesn't pretend to me someone he's not
i finally found out that I'm delusional.

one of my proud moment.

yes. i finally did it. i nice manicure for myself. had a hard time doing it for my right hand though.

tea time.

phoebe and i were talking on msn and was saying how long we haven't been catching up. so we just thought of chilling together and i asked mun yee to tag along. as for emily she went to bangsar and charmaine is off to kl with her bf as it is his off day.after class i meet up with phoebe and mun yee and was deciding where should we head off to. but we couldn't settle a place around our college area as it has nothing nice around.we were hesitate of the thought of going to pyramid cause we were sick of that place. but in the end we went there anyway..we spend 6 hours in that mall and we didn't do anything much. amazing how time pass by so fast. geez!but all in all we did enjoyed ourselves. thanks a bunch for spending the day with me :D

is a nice place to dine in. great ambience. so creative with their comic-like menu.
happy customer.
the girls. phoebe,myself and munyee.
our starter. ice lemon tee ; mushroom soup with almond.
mushroom carbonara.
Caesar salad with rose-like shaped salmon.
grilled chicken. the sauce was great and so is the mashed potatoes.
our free dessert.
a set lunch is priced at rm16.90 which drinks,starter,main course and dessert.
i would probably rate it 7/10 -food
we came back another round for their pastry after walking around the mall. 1 dozen rm13. for our teatime gossip session.
one kiss and poof my prince charming.
Phoebe and me hogging over the lamp post!
we are nerds. cant you tell?
candid moments. all photographed by phoebe. always snapping away when I'm at my worst. :(
i love this picture alot.
phoebe aka mama pig! :D
mun yee aka piglet.
white roses. was filled with it.
any takers?
fedora's for mun yee and me.

when we aren't indulging ourselves with books we camwhore.
this is my cutest nerd look. *smacks forehead*
with thomas.

more pictures are up in fb. too lazy to upload here so yeah.
oh on a totally random note, HIIIIIIIIII mariah. lol

Monday, December 14, 2009


seriously, what is wrong with guys and lies? can't ya'll just spill the beans? ought to just fill up a lie to cover for another one? what is wrong with this world. mainly WTF is your problem? geez.

p/s: seriously just stay away. fucking far away okay? leave me as it is. i don't need anything. GOD!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

a tool.

guess which eyes is it belong to?

top to bottom: darren seow,shun thai,shou yee,sung lin,dic vinn,jonathan,me,yuhan,andrea

i always love eyes, cause a nice pair of eyes always attract my attention.
eyes, a tool to create sparks the first time we meet.
eyes, to see through a person.
eyes, to create a connection.
eyes, to flirt around with.
eyes, to just fall in love with.

don't get me wrong. i don't just love eyes. i love a nice smile too. just that every time you see a person the first thing you see is their eyes. so there you go!

your eyes are just too good to not fall in love with.


i like you so fucking much, like you have no idea. Actually you may have a little idea. FUCK. I can't stop thinking about you ever. And it blows how every other girls fall for you too, because of you and your stupid charm. I get jealous so easily. They're so much prettier(okay maybe not). You're the kindest boy i've ever spoken to, yet badass at the same time. I HATE YOU. please love me.

god, how i love this.

took it from a friend's tumblr. amandaaudrey :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

happenings. summary.

god,its been awhile since i last update this blog and there's lots to update. and this is just half of it.expect to see lots of picture, when im free to actually blog about the whole thing in detail. :D

  • penang trip with my family and aileena tagged along.
  • down to pangkor with my lovelies.
you can imagine how tan i am now. after penang trip then to pangkor. poor skin of mine. *cries*
  • sleepover during exam period. to study and have late night fries session
  • sleepover with charmaine to watch my sister's keeper. we are suckers for it man.
  • Halloween was spent at ban peng's crib. valencia.
  • our girls day out.
  • perak and kedah trip.
  • 1.2 genting trip.
i miss/lubs all of you.
  • aileena surprise birthday
she was shocked!
  • her celebration at M.O.S