Sunday, June 29, 2008


went pyramid yesterday with my friends for the semi-finals for talent quest.we left after juicy's,privacy,white fluffy pao performed!we were screaming our lungs out for them.but juicy's was the only team we cheered for went in to the finals.the results aren't satisfying i tell ya'll.oh and there were dramas happening at the end there.shall not talk about it.went shopping around found so many things i want!ahhh..if mom doesn't buy me anything in taiwan she is gonna be so broke.mmm hmmm!oh i found a new hobby! singing!no kidding..i sing while I'm bathing,sing when I'm day dreaming,sing when I'm bored,sing wherever i am.but i still sucks.oh well!LALALALALALA!*spam even more* anyway so done with pictures!on the way to pyramid.
with steffi.yeemaesexy : cassieassiebig eye jason.who has the longest....

i love this dress!
ss pics :Di love all the dress!buy me those dresses and get a kiss :D nah kidding!
okay done.some pics are still at xueli's so im'ma post it up soon.til you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

talent quest

so yesterday was talent quest.MY GIRLS GOT IN.both juicy's and privacy so proud of them! oh singing competition was great too!darren and jamie got in,but dang man wyman and othniel dint make the cut.they were great okay!so as sweet!!awww..nevermind try again..never know you'll get a record deal :O! OHOH!shaun can really beat box wei and christopher can sing so well and cook and model!like WTH got so many talents in one person meh?cis unfair..give some to me la i also want to stand out. :P cheh.anywayyy..go support them this sat 3-6 at pyramid..okay pictures!tralalalalala~adele,tiff,sookemo and yimemo = juicy's

jing yi+li zhi+yanchi=privacy!

okay done with boring :(

Friday, June 20, 2008

to wyman

this is wyman.the birthday boy! soooo...

big boy ad.dont always bully others who are smaller k :D haha.all the best ;)

okay!finally something to blog...lalalala~

Thursday, June 19, 2008


cass ur the blogger of this blog
i add the chatbox edi not happy meh
i don even know how 2 make my words colourful


ps: the nxt time u see me blog is when i get a gf la( which is like a very very long time =D)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


lalala.. :D since everyone bugging me to blog,BLOGGG LAA!walaoo.i got nothing in my puny lil head wei.hmmm okay lets talk about the things i like.

  • i like funny peeps :D
  • rainbow!
  • shopping!
  • sport.(i should totally dig it if i ever wanna slim i LOVE IT!!)
i find blogging is boring already :( lazy wanna continue la.okay i blogged! :D i promise to come out with something soon.reaaaaaaaallllllll soon.HEH!


ps:darren seow li ken you better blog something!grr.. >=(
pss:go watch ps:i love you!so touching.i cried ='( seriously GO WATCH! >=(

Sunday, June 8, 2008


damn boring la want to blog.sheesh i dont get why people so rajin another time la k peeps.done :D