Thursday, April 12, 2007

out of pics.


sorry comp is being a bitch therefore i can't post any pics so i wasn't in a blogging mood. =(
i shall blog about my school sports day for my next post which was like last last week.i know what you're thinking.
my pics are all in my mum's laptop and i bet Sam just can't wait to see his oh-so-lengchai pic y'all will ROFLMAO.
so i shall post soon (i guess) =D til then.hugs and kisses from me to you <3

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

i.u night rocks

so yeah basically my title says it all! it rocked.was bored at the beginning and not to forget i was late ha.oh well fashionably late is my thing yo ;) yeapp is a miss diva thing.ha!yeah so reached there around 6 something and everyone was already in their seats while i sesat from no where walk yeah i called dee and and she told me where no.2 table is how helpful la dey.thank god zhili was around me.i had to drag him along to bring me to my place.and guess what i was sitting among couples.ah!i feel so lonely k and i kept calling aileena my so called date to ask where on earth is she.she end up turning up at 7 that is like super fashionably i was rotting there until they say dinner is served!i was sooo hungry that i can just eat up the whole horse by myself.just when i was about to fest aileena called and she was out there waiting.such good timing!yeah so after eating they had all sort of performances such as singing,dancing competition, and aileena was enjoying ourselves to the max.we were fooling around like some retards.OHOH then we went in to the toilet meet so many familiar faces.on our way out jun kang wanted to walk into the girls toilet okay!GIRLS!so it was time for shuffling and jocelyn's we settle down in our was a blast i tell can really dance ;)after the shuffling performance we all got high and went out started dancing.when we were just about to dance around and mingle they stopped the music.DAMN POTONG OKAY!so aileena went 'we want more' so i started backing her up and soon everyone started shouting it.they then on the lights and say thanks for coming tonight.POTONG STIM SIAL!i swear if they don't have any good reasons im'ma kick their ass 1 by 1.but they did have a very good reason so i shall forget abt the ass kicking part.and guess what i'm so friendly that i know a few new friends there.among them are adelle,hoeyen,wanyee and others sry i forgot your name.coz i wasn't that close with them while those others are friendly enough to come out and talk with me.glad to meet ya'll!shall meet up soon ya.cut down lots of part cause i was too lz to remember everything again.kinda in a sleepy mode now so bear with it.andd i din't get to camwhore much.cause my phone was outta batt.ughh stupid me.ah well as long i know i look great that's all that matters.left-right:shermaine,tiff,wanyee,adelle,suyin,hoeyen,suhui,sharon,jiashin,aileena and me.


credits to tiff and suhui for the pics.thanks a bunch <3

i wore an itsy bitsy tiny winy yellow polka dot dress. <333