Wednesday, July 15, 2009

happy 18th birthday (super belated :D)


how can we describe him?
-he is really a nice friend to talk to
-he is always in emo mode
-he is caring and loving
-he is blur
-he is funny (his reactions)
-he is shy
-he is just there when you need him

all in all.he is nice and we love him!
he was all gloomy and moody on his birthday so we planned a lil outing among ourselves and took him out.
venue: 1 utama
people: king,cass,charmaine,emily and birthday boy kar lok

like father like son picture.
with the birthday boy.
was watching obsessed. king,me,charmaine and kar lok. :)

charmaine darling
in the dark
with his complimentary pudding.
they wanted a formal looking picture. geez
and why is king cutting the cake again? busy body.
tiramisu cake is love.
lit up.
smiles. when i had braces on.
the guys.
the girls.
fish and co.

sorry the pictures arent in order. am too lazy to rearrange it and this post is due wayyyyy overtime. so yeah there you go karlok. i hope you had a wonderful birthday with us.

i'll move in with you honey

guess what I've been doing this pass few days?

watching the whole season 2 of gossip girl!!!
dont you feel the heat?

AND i just moved in to an apartment at new york with.... none other than

casual walk..i just love his sense of fashion.all suit up...mmmm yummay!
our bed together! LOL!ahhhhh just melt!
we got the same matching jeans. :)too hot!those biceps..
i'm thinking of you!
back from work..

just had to! the chace craze is back to haunt and so posts will be filled with chace chace chace and CHACEEEEEE!!


Sunday, July 12, 2009


your eyes are just mesmerizing..and i just cant take my eyes off of you.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 weeks isnt enough.

2 weeks of break is definitely not enough for me.many on to-do little time to fulfill it.
camwhore session with aileena.
go crazy at redbox.not singing but dancing! with these hot bunch of chiq's
chilling with each other never fail to put on a smile on my face.

brother and sister bonding time. (con each others money!hahaha!joking..)
gathering with the basketball team.eating pizza and chilling by the pool..ahh life!
indulge myself with satisfying camwhoring pics and at the end of the day get to shop til i drop!
mani and pedi session anyone?
to dress up for dinners!
gossip session with these girls will never be boring!
trips with my friends.
not forgetting SLEEPOVERS! (simply love em)
bonding with my brothers.altho i tend to annoy them to max but i still love them deeply.

snow snow snoww!
bitch with my bestie drea. who always turn my frown upside down
sauna and gym.
and did i mention camwhoring? lol..