Monday, September 27, 2010

sick and tired

im so sick and tired of life.

i know everyone goes through this; is just a phase..
it will end,but then again; when you are in the moment..
you get frustrated, angry, sad, lonely.
is just this indescribable feeling that is pushing you to the ground, and when you try to get back up. someone is there to push you down yet again.
maybe i am somewhat too emotional but i'm always going to carry my smile everywhere i go.
-fake a smile,live yet another day. =)

never knew

i never knew i..

would be so into cheerleading again.

actually care

miss you that much

still love belly piercing after all these years

have both my bitchy and temper side. and it has gotten worst

can be a reliable friend nor a good one

would think of you

would blogged this. period. =s


sometimes.. i wish you were there. to fill my lonely nights. YOU :)