Sunday, August 31, 2008


my monthly post =)

if i know how 2 put pics then i'll blog ma la
my post make the blog boring la cass
i put chat box edi not enough meh
ur the pro blogger man

ps: trials in 2 weeks time........ wat joy

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

what i love?

my family (L)
i LOVE him.
they are my everything.
i love pretty bikinis,tangkinis,swimsuits
funny peeps :) (many more peeps la but i don't have their don't emo la =D 0
camwhoring.the best
don't you just love what candles can do?
my bimbotic moments.doing silly things making people laugh at me :(

practically everyone knows that i'm totally in love with blings.

i love's
the ones that is close to me knows that i have a thing for guess?
i like sports.just that I'm not good at em'
my cute lil cousin.isn't he adorable?*pinchhhhhhhh cheek* 0________________0 our mssd moments together.

I'm done for now..i might continue if i can think what other things i love toodles.

Monday, August 18, 2008

malaysia boleh?

the match between m'sia and china. so disappointing!well at least we got silver. =) school holiday just started and Im freaking bored..anyone wanna take me out SHOPPING? in need of a shopping spree.. =( and camwhoring!OH on the brighter note..i dint get in for national service.okay back to my studies.

Monday, August 11, 2008

hey Loser.

sometimes i don't even know why you bother blogging when your England is too powderful to understand.sigh..guess our world need someone like you to balance up stupidity with our smartness huh?aww you poor lil thing.i somewhat enjoy making fun of you know just to get all my tension out of the know it just make me laugh so hard when your england suck so bad.suck it up isn't fair.what goes around comes around lil princess :(

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


HAPPY SESY 17, ;)spongeboblover
the one in the middle.
darren is

  • fun to hang with
  • can make the coolest jokes ever
  • so can bitch with!
  • is one of my SESY
  • small eyes. LOL!
and i lub him many! :)

happy birthday dear jimui

HAPPY SWEET 16 to the sweetest girl i've known wanyee!my jimui. :)
finally 16!sorry i couldn't make it to your party sure to celebrate it with you another day!count on it babe :) and i hope you had a you banyak banyak!