Sunday, October 12, 2008

friends forever

i shall continue this post another time le :(


happy belated birthday to AILEENA CHONG PEH SHAN!
this post is so freaking late.sorry :( what to do gotta put up with my laziness la hor?so let's talk abit about this sampat.she's a person that put friends first over herself,she take care of us younger ones(tai ka che!),she is vain,her boobs are bigger than mine 100000 times :D ,she can be lame at times,she is freaking LOUD!,she will make funny faces with me or even the ugliest face,she is there for me no matter what,she just love me and she's just being herself and i love her for that.thanks for all the great memories and i promise you even if i'm god damn busy with college or what so ever i'll drive over to your house just to have a chat with you. :D don't you be worrying about this..
anyway good luck for spm.econs and acc sama sama get A aite ;)

Saturday, October 4, 2008


hi folks im back to wish my bonded/sister AUDREY LEONG SOOK WAI a very happy sexy 17th birthday!will update more on her birthday if i can ever get those pics and video from mabel.anyway I LOVE YOU!muax!just in case you peeps dont know who is this sesy goes..