Sunday, January 28, 2007

i got gf

eh peter i got gf wei
don jelez k

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


form 4 is a serious bitch.
with a capital B

Sunday, January 14, 2007

fire works put a smile on my face :)

form 4 life is just hectic.homework's pile up like mountains.gotta stress about our form 5 big examination (SPM). i soo don't want to screw my SPM since I've already did it to my PMR :( well MOST of the student think f4 is gonna be a honey moon year for us but behind all that you all really don't know how stress we are.booooo to that! well anyway lots of people are setting their new year revolutions. well let's list out our revolutions!

i would wanna study harder :)
play more sports
get together with my darling sesy crew and catch up with their life etc.
shop more? =D
get closer to G-O-D! *amen* =p

get slimmer/fitter/firm?

there you go.above all are my revolutions :) well i hope i can do it since i'm a very very lazy person and i can just quit half way =S oh well! til then peeps. loves <3>=D

cassie c:

Saturday, January 13, 2007

i miss ya'll :(

my dear sesycrew =D bianca and seow weren't in the pic.

although we're separated into diff streams yet I'll always remember the times we spent together either is bad or good all will always be in my heart :) love you.


okayyy done with today i was suppose to go to rela captain's ball activity but i ended up overslept. til seow called me around 11.30.i was soo bored coz i have nothing to do so i went downstairs to watch the telly.was watching ANTM fyi (america next top modal) and danielle won! but i soooo wanted joannie to :( after that faye called up to meet at sch at 3.45 for our yumcha session.we went to bistro and then yuan ming,william and shaun came along. later on seow called me to ask where am i and i said im in bistro and he came after our yumcha session we walked back up to sch for vball training. today training is damn damn damn tiring k! you can't even imagine how tiring it is!! you cant even walk properly after those physical training and you can pass out just anytime.yada yada yada end of story :) lol. i know im a boring person just bare with it.

cassie's turn :)

cass-and-drea :)

so i meet this girl during f1.we're kinda close and all.til some fucked up bitch screw our friendship.but i'll give her a lil credit since she made us bestie now. BUT still screw her laaa =) i have no idea what im talking abt now so i'll just sign off from here =S