Sunday, June 21, 2009


boredom level has reached it's max already..that's why I've been blogging like so often! just so you know I've been camwhoring extra lot this post will be filled with pictures of me me me! so if you're bored please don't continue this a waste of your time anyway. =)

this is what i call champion driver laaa.people smoke,make calls,text while driving..while i camwhore away.damn layan camera okay!
aileena chong p-- s---
syiok sendiri MAX. *hide face*
i have bubbles eyes. 0_0 bubbles from powerpuff girls. LMAO

thinking of you...
bikini hunting.
on a totally random note..this lil girl is super fashionable okay!
badminton session with yung,king and jing yi.10 to 1230 am.we are damn happening
too cute! i lub many many!
seriously gotta stop layan-ing the camera man! fail driver tsk..
parliament trip.
I'll be seeing aileena everyday for swimming session. see we ARE living a freaking healthy life.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

all hail the king

HAPPY BIRTHDAY hey king. (belated)

so how did we celebrate it? just a simple surprise for him

none of us wished him happy birthday and the next day of coll we were all acting that is just another normal day and have totally forgotten about his we had our 10 minutes break for accounting class and the guys as usual will run out of the class and bought us some time to get ready of the cake. then i called up the birthday boy to tell him our tutor will be shutting the doors in 2 minutes if they weren't back so they rushed up like there's no tomorrow. so king made his big entrance and we started singing birthday song for him. totally got him off guard there!

funny message by ban peng$$!making a wish.wonder what he wished for?ready.hit!
lunch at secret recipe
pouty pout.

so the guys went for futsal after coll...and guess what we brought over?


so presenting the victims...
ying wen
majidand of course the birthday boy.lovers :D guess which is the female and male..last but not least nerd king!

hope you have a fun birthday!

ps: credit me when you take king's picture k!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


haven't have the time to blog or rather just too lazy. it goes both ways..just too into my life right now. great friends around,good food, living a freaking healthy life, loved ones close to me,getting good results for quiz and assignments are just extras.

  • went to some modeling casting with shou shou and andrew. yi mei came to support us!
shoe yeeeeeee. lubs many!
layan sendiri.

  • then it was Jason's 18th birthday. we had a surprise party for him and he was so touched he actually cried k!
giler babi gangster wei sung
birthday boy*sniff sniff*

  • random moments
what are they doing?
i heart her
hmmmm? :D
potential cheerleaders.
bang bang? *innocent face 0_0*
fark the world!
girlfriends :)
new hero in town, girl version of wolverine...can't you tell? the 3 = clawske seven.sleepy bear bearrockstar. lalalalala!all smiles

ohh lala~

look at this baby.
don't you feel hotter strutting down the hallway wearing those killer heels. *gleefully smiling away...YESSSSSSSSSS!*