Thursday, February 21, 2008

you low-life BITCHES!

okay ,so the main reason for me to start blogging is because of that low life bitch who thinks she's all that.yes you heard her!fucking wannabe!all you do is take credits all to yourself and bitch! you ain't all that i tell think you're fine?well think again!all i can see is someone who practically cover her whole many guys after you huh?oh yesss you think everyone is in love with you're the popular girl right now ey?been keeping it to myself and i cant stand it anymore!you wanna bitch talk me behind my back go fault?well just remember what you said to me okay! :) you wanna play it this way so be it.let the game begin.don't try don't want me to do things that will hurt you so bad.OH.and that another you.oh yes YOU.attention seeker,popular freak..yes I'm talking to you..please cover up your fats please .the world won't want to see fact is just plain disgusting when someone try TOO FUCKING HARD to be hot aite.a lil tips for you can start by not posing with your famous 'CFM' face.which stands for COME FUCK not working..and your clothings..oh please too skanky to even be close to hot la okay!if you think that's hot?you fail in being a please before you step out of that house of yours do look into the mirror..fucking wannabe's

so done with my rantings.shall go on with my life :)