Sunday, November 23, 2008

i cannot tahan

i seriously cannot tahan damn fucking s.s people!like seriously damn have lose all my respect! =)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

happy halloween..belated :) high school year is ending :( i can't believe it and i don't want to.friends come and go,meeting new friends,making fun of idiots,bitching in school,skipping class if i want to,having recess with my close ones,having the fear of discipline teacher checking on my long coming to an end in 2 months time.seriously high school is the best times no doubt.although in between fights and drama appears but it was all worth while..

Halloween just passed 2 days ago.and we (the sesy's) didn't have our usual Halloween our tradition okay!2 years straight without fail but we have some changes this year all because of SPM.dammit..i want time to just stop here where i'm still in high school..things won't be the same no more after our high school life.

sigh..i can't do this anymore..too emo.will blog something if i have something on..

busy crying my ass off. ='(