Saturday, March 31, 2007

cheerleaders shall cheer people up =D

hieeee peeps.sry for not blogging =/ was bz with lots of stuff la.heh so yeah i join cheer leading.cause aileena,faye and mayyuan insist i join with them.but someone is upset with yeah cheer leading is a very tiring thing!and people think is like all bitchy but LOOK I'm not bitchy :D tsk tsk we'll be performing for our sports day which is on next Wednesday and i encourage you N-O-T i repeat NOT to yeah due to our very-last-minute planning for performing during sports day we must train every freaking day from 7.30am til school ends.HOW SMART OF THEM!oh but don't worry this cheer leading thingy is just something temporary.I'll quit after sports day.coz i promised I'll help them perform.ahhh.i've been missing 1 whole week of class but i have no homework to catch up with.lucky ey?nahh cause all the teacher is bz with saringan for sports day and mssd stuff so yeah that's why!and after sports day I'm gonna have to skip classes again cause i have volleyball mssd the week after sports day.ah well there goes my mid year test.say byebye to it.I'm gonna fail every single subject trust me!i dun even think I'm gonna get an A for English.ENGLISH for god sakes.cause my class just HAVE to shoooo my teacher out from the class and made her cry.but she's just too mean.part of me says thankgodness you're gone but the other part of me says how am i gonna ACE my test when i dun have anyone to teach me.okay that sound stupid but ahhh screw post is so colourful and that makes ppl happy.ain't i right?I'm always right ;)

dolly face :)
serious editting wei.

so sry peeps no new pics :( my card reader is being a bitch.ugh i had to dig up old pics to post.sry if i bored you =(

Sunday, March 25, 2007

i got tagged. :)

Name one person who made you smile last night.
too i smile alot. =D
What were you doing at 8.00 this morning?
still sleeping. zzZ
What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
What was something that happened to you in 2006?
i got arthurtehteongjin.
What is the last thing you said aloud?

you're a bitch. lol as in a good way.
How many different drinks did you drink today?
four. :D
What colour is your hairbrush?
hot pink.
What was the last thing you paid for?
my food?
Where have you been last night?
at home sleeping.i know lifeless.
What color is your front door?
err.dark brown.
Where do you keep your change?
my purse
What was the weather like today?
What is the best ice-cream flavour?
i don't know yet.hmmm
What is something you are excited about?
cant wait to show off my dress!
Do you want to cut your hair?
tempted to but i dunno laa. :(
Are you over the age of 25?
no way.
Do you talk a lot?
yes if im close with you.
Do you watch the O.C?
Does your screen name have an "x" in it?
Do you know anyone named Steven?
errr.cant recall any.guess is a no.
Do you make up your own words?
HA!guess so. xD
Are you typically a jealous person?
it depends.
Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "A":
Name a friend who's name starts with the letter "K"
kam kam.
Who's the 1st person on your received calls list?
my mummy
What did the last message you received say? wanna go pyramid tmr anot?
Do you chew on your straw?
sometimes. :)
Do you have curly hair?
Where is the next place you're going?
my B-E-D!
Who is the rudest person in your life?
cant think of anyone.
What is the last thing you ate?
nasi lemak. fattt!
Is marriage in your future?
What is the best movie you've seen in the last 2 weeks?
cant recall laaa.
Is there anyone you like right now?
yeapp you all should know by now.
When was the last time you did the dishes. be honest
during my sleepover with voon. *badddddddddddddddd*
Are you currently depressed?
yes and i've no idea why.
Why did you answer and post this survey?
cause i got tagged by biancavoonjiayik. >=(
Tag 5 people who would do this survey.
whoever is reading this.

guess? crave

so today i skip my school merentas desa cause i CAN'T might as well just go 1u shop right? lol so i had freaking 15 hours of sleep and i finally woke up at 11.59am HA!called my mum up and here goes our conversation
mum Cass

*calling mum* hi
where are you now?
oh! I'm already at 1u with your dad.
WTH! *$^$((#^$^#^&$*#
i woke you up but you said you were too tired and wanted to sleep.
*thinking deeply and talking to myself*since when?i had 15 freaking hours of sleep.if you DID wake me up i confirm wake up come on since when i ever turn down a shopping trip?
HA! no la just joking I'm out buying food for you laaaaah!!
AH! she really fooled me!hmph that bitch damn mean.cause she said she would bring me to 1u to buy guess stuff ;) so after i ate we went to 1u.the top i wanted in guess was sold out.AHHH! disappointment.i saw a few bags i wanted soooooo badly but my mum said no.such luck for walked around for awhile went to the few shops i love and i got myself a dress and a pair of heels for seafield i.u. went back i got myself ready for volleyball practice.reach school and saw people from other schools turns out we're having friendly match!SO yeah wasted my day should have chilled at least i can admire my guess bag til my mum feel pity for me and buy it!i mean!i know ;D gah!i've got nothing to say already i suck at blogging should i stop? :S hmmmm?okayyy pictures!! i love picture time ;D
IF i ever see you having that bag im'ma haunt you down and kill you! volleyball friendly match. ;3 may may and cassie darrenseowliken.we gengster! >=( cutie pie. <3
i shall stop more than enough with the pics.i bet you are all bored of em. ;D
xoxo many many loves. <3

Friday, March 23, 2007


HIII peeps.its been awhile since any of the sesy's blogged.hmph!tsk tsk lazy bum bum.look at our poor poor neglected's so lifeless and is sooo sad. :( so I'M here to update it and spread some love. heh! nothing happened lately :( living in a very boring life.bite me.ah!OH OH! before i forget to wish someone happy bday so here goes.


fyi bon bon is my guy best friend and my mummy dearest.<3>

if you're reading it now bon you better appreciate it.rawr i had to post it twice cause the 1st time dint work. *ishhhh!* =\ so yeah i seriously don't know what to blog anymore HA! so i shall let my pics to the talking for me. =D!

YES.i love my eyes and NO i dint wear any colour contact. ;D

ps: and yesss i love taking pics and i'm what?mind your own business ya. :)
many loves from me to you.<3><3<3<3

Saturday, March 17, 2007

berbonding time.

so yday jing yi(my twin) asked me out for shopping but both our parents are too bz to fetch us anywhere so i was thinking bianca is coming over later so i asked her whether she wanted to hang at taipan just chill and gossip?she said yeah. later on zhili called and ask jing whether she wants to fellow him to shakey's to meet the workers and settle down for lunch?*fyi they used to work there that's why!*so she called me up and asked me whether i wanna join in so i agreed and called bianca.unfortunately her dad was bz and she cant make it in time to tumpang our she went over to her friend hse and waited for her friend to fetch me,jingyi,zhili settled down in shakey's 1st for wasn't that bad la.but still nahhh X!
skip skip skip skip skippppp!
after that,i followed bianca and her friend to sunway for another round of lunch cause he was hungry.chinhuei tagged along too.later on,bianca wanted to tag along with her friend to some bbq party so they drop me home and they went off.and i gotta cover for that Lil devil.tsk tsk but oh well she can only see her friend like once in a blue moon!after my family dinner i called her up and ask her where is she?thought she would probably be in that BBQ party already but noooo she was in summit with her friend family.-.-' she came back around 11 something with empty tummy what a pity!so we cooked Maggie mee which was tasteless! ew!later on we saw bottles of sparkling juice so yeah we stored it in the freezer to get it cold while we bathe.something funny happened in between lol! bianca's shampoo went into the toilet and she was yelling for we both got it out together!that was utterly disgusting yeah after bathing we went down for the AH WONG movie.we got hungry again so i the ohsogood chief cooked eggs for really good.don't believe?ask bianca for yourself.she'll say it was a bomb i tell ya'll! and HA! for those who thinks im ohsoprincessy iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cooooooooooooookeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd!!and i'm good at yeah after that we had to dig down with those dirty dishes and wash was terrible i tell y'all it was a very bad nono HORRIBLE experience.never like washing the dishes and my nail polish came out just cause i had to clean the mess we made.okayy diva alert. =D wanted to watch movie but heck we ate 2 plates of fattening food and plus a bottle of sparkling juice made us we wont wanna fall asleep with a bloated tummy don't we?yeah so we drag ourselves back to my freezing cold room and gossip.we're so tired that we cant even think properly at that moment.we wanted to sleep so badly but with the ohsobloated tummy we have,we must stay awake for 2 hours to digest smart of biancavoon. so yeah we suddenly get all hyper and bianca went through my closet and found lots of clothes she we started camwhoring and changing into every outfit we can find in my closet.after that we're back to square one saying how we miss our bf's and yada yada yada.OH! and we bitch talk about you too.yes you. ;)got so tired that we screw our must-wait-for-2-hours-to-digest-our-food plan.LOL woke up feeling like crap tho.hmmm so yeah overall it wasn't that bad apart from me worrying about stuff and all.ugh screw come the pictures.

howdy partner. ;)

so tired for godsakes.
our matching polkadots bags.

if you can see properly there's two face in the pic.
red eyes & brown eyes ohsosesy. YUM!
THE pink blanket.

that was our supper.we had two rounds of it.coz it tasted DAMN good. =p

yummy i know.i tasted it.

it was in pink! ekk
she lubs me.i lub you.


something bad happen to me again!ughh i guess i'm curse.always having bad news and all.yeahh so screw that.and all thanks to howard(my idiotic bro) i get into all this.whoever wants to bash him up for me,you're most welcome too!i'll even pay you for doing so!OHSOHATE him ughhhhh!i hope he die of something.REALLY i mean it!missing him so badly now.looked back at our conversations when i was mad and it made me miss him even more.well there's nothing i can do now to see him cause my parents banned us from seeing each other.=(

screw screw screw screw screw!!
ah so not in a blogging mood right now.probably will blog later about the sleepover with biancavoonjiayik.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

HDFL. -_-

Sesy LALA wannabes. Woots. ;D

HDFL : Horny Darrens For Life


I know, LAAAAME right.
Uh, i'm suppose to continue where Q stopped so yeaah. After camwhoring..
We headed to Nando's to eat. Ordered two sets of 1/4 chicken with two side dishes & a jug of coke. I wanted strawberry k! Then someone & someone wanted sprite & something else instead so yeaah, decided on coke. Ordered another coleslaw & rice after that too. Heee. (:
Q, seow, & kwok left after that while yvonne accompanied me to look for vivien's present. Got her something & it's pink. Heh. Continued window shopping for abit or actually no, we walked almost the whole pyramid.
Syah Jahan fetched us home. Aaron was in the car too. We talked about bryan & his girlfriend. Then, i asked aaron about his girlfriend instead & it was so funny the way he answered me hahaha. Insulted his own sister tsk tsk.
OH & the darrens are so obsessed with ghetto booties. -_- Or more like, yee mae's butt.

Seow's post says it all.