Monday, December 11, 2006

thx giving

2day wu,mama wu,big sister wu,Q,kwok,"lil" seow n me went 2 city harvest church 4 thx giving.mama wu fetch us go n sion sat at the stairs there coz we not gals(damn sexist). after tat mama wu cheng us eat dinner coz the thx giving got no food 1.wu say got cocktail but i din c any prawns or liqour oso........shit.
then after tat sion's parents fetch us back n sion wasn't full so he go a&w buy burger.

tats abt it la,

ps: stupid= not so smart

A Very Gengster Thanksgiving Outing - by sion

Today we went to church ( city harvest) hungry... thinking there's gonna be food soon D:

unfortunately no.... but however we had fun there... there were many appearances by local super heroes ... such as.. butterfly gurl.. cat gurll.. geisha gurll.. spider queen.. medival gengster girl and many more... i personally liked the geisha gurl most... but in the end medival gengster gurl won.. i tought she looked like a mad old hag.. lolz.. but we had fun... why we had fun? coz we just did...

the church was crowded and unbelievably packed... all due to the grace of god... the church was really unbelievable... with many talented preformer there? owh did i forgot to mention we saw a particular some1 modelling... ;).. which was cool... but unbelievable O_O"

after that we squeezed our way outta church and i learned a really nigga lesson... later we discussed about snoopdogg over a table of chinese food which was yummy and fillling... 'little' seow was annoyed about darren and me.. and we found her annoying but things are cool...

haha had alot of fun today.. =.= thx guys..

ps: ulser sux... xxx

Friday, December 8, 2006

bianca hereeeeeeeee ;D

oh my, i don't know what's wrong with blogger cause i can't change the font, the font size, & the font colour each time i sign in this account! it's turning me off pfft.

ANYWAYS, cass thinks i should blog since everyone has & i haven't although i actually DID. =D get me? no i don't think you do hahahaha. whatever. :)
okay imma stop now. HERE'S MY POST. =))))))
byeeeeee whoever's reading this hahaa! =/

Thursday, December 7, 2006

cassandra gengster punya mak

=D . =) . =P . says:
go post something
. =D . =) . =P . says:
. =D . =) . =P . says:
i dun care
. =D . =) . =P . says:
. =D . =) . =P . says:
everyone post ad

grrr ..... caassandra gengster sial...
see how she force ppl post blog! gengster angry beaver!
eh my neighbour wanna say something....


actually he not racist ... he just shy :$ ... awwwwwww ..... u all see him like fei tut tut .. oso feel like hugging ryte... don X him okay....

ps: me and darren gengster giller international air hockey player... who wan challeng us call 0176907920.. but must play in sunway and u pay .. lolz

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

seow's turn 2 blog

yo this is seow,
i dunno wat 2 blog la, later kena sue macam peter.(don sue me k peter)
i oso nth 2 talk abt edi.
next time if got something intresting happen like a get a gf or something then onli i post la.


i am andrea the oh so sexy

right.. blogging?
me? andrea? BLOGGING?
HAHAHAHAHA you've got to be kidding me.

do you love eating?
well i do! :)
so feast your eyes

ok till then
signing off,
SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY *pssssss* ( thats the hissing sound i make when u touch me coz u noe i'm really hot )

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

pyramid outing =D

Sesy Q, voon, kwok, & seow went to pyramid today. sadly sesy wu didn't come. =(

voon called Q around like 11.50 to ask whether is she going now to pyramid.
BUT being the typical late Q obviously still havent wake up from her sleep.LOL.
voon went to pyramid about 12 & met up with her friend while waiting for us to come.
seow & kwok reached 15 minutes later. & i was the latest, as usual. :D
coz of some reason, my mum had tummy ache so she went to the doctor.
I then reached there at 1. I spam calls to bianca,seow and kwok but
NON of them i had to walk around like some loner for at least 5 minutes until voon pick up my call. you know how scared was i??they were in the arcade enjoying themselves while I being a loner walking around spaming calls! pfft.

bianca hereeee. =) Q requested me to continue this post for her haha.
okie sooo, Q came & we planned to play pool but, shou yee was wearing three quarters pfft. =/
in the end it was me, Q, eng hoe, & seow. eng hoe & i against Q & seow the first two times. we WON. ;D then Q & i teamed up. we lost to them booo. the last time was eng hoe & i on the both of 'em again. & we won, again. hahahha.
shou yee, kwok, & kwok's neighbour went bowling. finish playing pool, the four of us went to find 'em but they were no where to be seen & kwok's phone went haywire hahaha. we ate at laksa shack. i ordered asam laksa & Q had johor laksa. yummylicious. :)

we walked around for awhile. eng hoe bought fake earrings haha. oh we went bowling after that! speaking about that i'm so happy ahahha. but Q & eng hoe are sad for some reasons. Q broke her nail that's why. eng hoe is because he lost in bowling the second round! like, lAST k. :D
hhahaha we had baskin robbins after that. okay i gotta go take my shower & eat. Q just went back. =) byeeee! <3